you’re based in New Zealand, will you ship?

YES! if you have a mail system in your country, I’ll build you a kitset or a car, pack it into a custom shipper and send it off, due to the nature of the product, shipping is done by a build by build basis, we will quote you your build and shipping before we send you an invoice

can I commission you to build a replica of my car?

YES! I recently completed a build for Bryce Green, based on the Maybellene Lincoln build he was involved in. I’d love to work with you and help produce a useable, scaled version of your car for you child, grandchild…. or for your office. all I need is paint codes and a couple of images and you to can have a car like the Green Family Roadster.

how hard is it to build the kitset?

The car arrives pre assembled, all you need is an allen key and a ring spanner, simply follow the instructions to disassemble to prepare the body for paint, chassis for powder coat etc. Reassembly is straight forward, using loctite on the 6 fixings as identified in the instructions. 

how much preparation is required?

the fiberglass body is produced using a 5 piece mould, there are multiply part lines that will be in the body when you receive it, like any fiberglass product there will be an element of sanding and filling to get the body to the desired level suitable for your chosen paint system

the sand cast aluminium grill, windscreen and tail light bezels will be delivered straight from the foundry, mould lines will need to be removed by file and sandpaper, items can be polished using hand tools or power tools (designated for the work to be undertaken) 

paint, what should I use and where should I go?

the fiberglass body enables a number of paint systems to be used, depending on your budget and skill level the totrod shop cars can be painted using hardware store spray cans or you can lay down a real candy - it’s your build and it’s up to you.

tools - what do I need?

the totrod shop cars have been assembled using basic hand tools, an allen key and a ring spanner is all you need! the alloy components can be cleaned up and polished by hand, polishing wheels can be used, however; these components are small, and can break if force is used.

what if i need help?

we are happy to provide any assistance we can, these have been designed so that anyone can do it, if you don’t think you can, or you don’t have the time we can build you a car to the colour combination of your choice, pack it up and ship it anywhere in the world!