handbuilt. hot rods. for life.

build a legacy for your children, your grandchildren and their children.

we are fast teaching each generation to consume more and faster, build your child a toy that will be with them long after they need it, build them a memory of that amazing time, create a toy that is passed down or held onto with pride and love.


hand built. by you. for you.

add your own touches, sand, polish or leave in its raw state, it’s up to you.

add your own touches, sand, polish or leave in its raw state, it’s up to you.


the kit comes complete, chassis, body, seat shell, drop axle windscreen and tail light bezels, wheels and fixings.

the fiberglass body and cast parts come straight from the moulds and will need sanding and prep before paint, or polish.

everything is there, just add your imagination.

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handbuilt for you

we will work with you, we have a selection of standard base coat, clear coat colors or we can custom match a color that you have.

we use automotive grade vinyl in our interiors and offer 3 standard interior colors, BLACK, TAN and RED.

chassis’s are powder coated in black, the drop axle is chrome plated. the gill, windscreen and tail light bezels are hand sanded and polished.

every car is presented with a hand stamped build number and a VIN number personal to owner.

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Bryce Green

Kindig-it Design

I remember seeing the mini roadster on’s Instagram and was immediately blown away with how correct the proportions were, the stance, the body lines, interior, wheels, and just the overall style of them.

I loved seeing Mike with his boys cruising them around and working on them together. As a father my kids are the center of my world and this hit home. It is a brilliant way for parents to spend time with their kids either building the Tot Rod or just pushing them around at events in something no one else would have. My life revolves around cars which puts my family in this “automotive world” as well. So having something my kids could enjoy on their own level was something I’d been looking for. And The Tot Rod was exactly what we wanted for our family! So being able to own a Tot Rod in our family really does put a smile on all of our faces.
Since Mike is in New Zealand I only could see the Tot Rod through pictures. As a high end car builder I was so impressed with his attention to detail and true ability to create rolling art. So I was very anxious to see what it looked like in person. When he hand delivered The Tot Rod to Kindig It Design here in America, My mind was BLOWN the first time I saw it! My kids absolutely loved it and wanted to get in and push it around.

It really is even better in person than what the pictures showed. The body was so flawless, the accent pieces were all hand done and polished, the interior was something you’d find in a Rolls Royce, and I could immediately tell it was a solid well thought out design and that Mike didn’t cut corners to make it.

I find it extremely hard to pinpoint one favorite part on The Tot Rod, but my wife absolutely loves the interior. She says “the interior is very fancy with the plush seat”. For myself seeing nice cars every day I love to look at the details. The details, along with the fit and finish are what really separates those that have passion building their projects and those that are just doing it. Mike’s passion shines through; very bright throughout the totrod.

Every square inch has been touched and perfected. And you don’t just get that from anyone. You get that from a builder who loves what he is creating.

We have taken it out to events already and the feedback from the crowds and people is AMAZING!! People will come stop us and ask to look at it and find out more about The Tot Rod. Even though I didn’t build it, I find myself taking pride in Mikes work knowing the hours and labor he put into it, and that our family gets to enjoy his labor of love. 
Our boys still get smiles when we push them around or let them push each other. My oldest boy wanted to keep it in our front room with the grand piano because he said “it’s awesome, and everyone needs to see it”, so it is placed right next to the piano for everyone to see when they walk into our home. Our youngest gets in it and just sits back and enjoys the ride. I definitely get a little envious of him! Ha. Our little girl is due in June and the boys are so excited to push their little sister around in The Tot Rod. 
As a family we are so excited and honored to be able to own one of these. We definitely don’t take it for granted because we know the work that went into making this a reality! I’ll forever be grateful for Mike and The Tot Rod Shop for the memories he has given us, and for the future memories we will make with his masterpiece.